Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Director: Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau
Year: Y2000
Country: France
Language: French
Cast: Sami Bouajila,Patachou,Ariane Ascaride,Pierre-Loup Rajot,Charly Sergue

Félix lives in Dieppe. Unforeseen circumstances allow him to carry out an old plan - going to Marseilles to meet his father whom he doesn't know. But Félix is a romantic. Rather than take the train, he prefers back roads and borrowed cars. Before long, the charms of budding springtime, the landscape and the people he meets combine to slow him down. Initially set on getting to know his father, Félix ends up creating an ideal family along the way, complete with a little brother, a grandmother, a cousin and a sister.



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