Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Crime
Director: Sidney Lumet
Year: Y1982
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Michael Caine,Christopher Reeve,Dyan Cannon,Irene Worth,Henry Jones

Sidney reveals that to add to his chagrin, a former student (Christopher Reeve) has sent him his brilliant first play, entitled DEATHTRAP. Much to his wife's dismay, Sidney concocts a mad scheme to lure the young playwright out to East Hampton and then promptly kill him in order to claim the play as his own. When the wheels of Sidney's plan are set in motion, the three characters launch into a tense, high-pitched game of double entendres, hidden intentions, and unexpected twists. The genre's typical propensity for reversals is magnified tenfold as DEATHTRAP begins to feed upon its own script, taking the characters on a blind ride through sheer suspense and manipulation. Keywords:Deathtrap,Psychic,Prophecy


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