Genre: Drama
Director: Anahí Berneri
Year: Y2005
Country: Argentina
Language: French , Spanish
Cast: Juan Minujín,Mimí Ardú,Carlos Echevarría,Javier van de Couter,Osmar Núñez

It’s 1996, Pablo Pérez is struggling both with turning 30 and being HIV positive. A professor and poet, he keeps a journal chronicling his search for romance in magazine ads, cruising in porn cinemas and picking up men in bars. Eventually, he discovers the SM scene. Shaking off his insecurities and writer’s block, he delves into this mysterious world with aplomb, embracing both the joys of bondage and a gorgeous man whom he might be able to love. Keywords:Disco Dancing,Whip,Sadomasochism,Leather,AIDS


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