Genre: Drama
Director: Christian Faure
Year: Y2005
Country: France
Language: French
Cast: Jeremie Renier,Louise Monot,Bruno Todeschini,Nicolas Gob,Charlotte de Turckheim

It is World War 2 and France has just fallen to Nazi rule. Jewish families are being removed from their homes and
sent to camps outside the city. Meanwhile, eternally upbeat young Parisian Jean is doing what he can to help his
family get by during these difficult times. However, his greatest secret is also his biggest liability - he has a
boyfriend, the faithful and doting Philippe, who has risky connections with forgery artists and a gay brothel. Despite
this, the pair lead a happy life in secrecy, sharing a cosy attic apartment that is hidden away from the Vichy police
that patrol the streets. One day, Jean's old Jewish school friend Sarah comes begging for help. Her family have been
murdered and he is her only hope. Jean and Philippe agree to take her into hiding and offer her a job at Jean's
laundrette, but when Jean's troublemaking brother Jacques takes a liking to her, an emotion that is not mutual, he
threatens to blow the lid off the whole operation, putting all their lives at risk.
Keywords:SS,Laundry,Paris France,Male Whipping,Nazi


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