Genre: Drama
Director: Mel Chionglo
Year: Y2006
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino , Tagalog
Cast: Tyron Perez,Cherry Pie Picache,Allen Dizon,Lauren Novero,Ana Capri

In the Philippines, dancing draws young men seeking work to Manila’s gay bars. Their stories have much in common: working to support families or their own ambitions, preyed upon by men with money and desire, used up long before they hit thirty. “Twilight Dancers” tells the story of young Dwight (Tyron Perez), a fresh newcomer to the dance bars, and his part time lover Alfred (Allen Dizon), who at 28 is already on his way down, as the two negotiate the perils of the world of back stabbing and bitch slapping that is “dancing for money.” Keywords:Gay Club,Bodyguard,Corrupt Businessman,Mayor,Murder,Ruthless,Cameo,Corrupt


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