Genre: Romance, Musical, Drama
Director: Chris Columbus
Year: Y2005
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Anthony Rapp,Adam Pascal,Rosario Dawson,Jesse L. Martin,Wilson Jermaine Heredia

Set in New York City's gritty East Village, the revolutionary rock opera RENT tells the story of a group of bohemians struggling to live and pay their rent. "Measuring their lives in love," these starving artists strive for success and acceptance while enduring the obstacles of poverty, illness and the AIDS epidemic.RENT is based on Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer and Tony Award winning musical, one of the longest running shows on Broadway. The raw and riveting musical stars Rosario Dawson, Taye Diggs, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Jesse L. Martin, Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp and Tracie Thoms and is directed by Chris Columbus. Keywords:AIDS,Lesbian,Landlord,Coffin,Musician,Hiv Positive


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