Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Susanna Edwards
Year: Y2006
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Cast: Mårten Klingberg,Pjotr Giro,Roberto Jelinek,Gösta Bredefeldt,Karin Bergquist

Writer/director Susanna Edwards makes her first full-length feature with this powerful drama inspired by non-fictitious events. Peter seems ready to take over the family business from his father and is in the process of starting his own family with his equally successful and attractive girlfriend. Peter believes he has all one could wish for. But one day his eyes are met by another's - eyes that reach all the way into his heart, eyes that he will never forget - Nassim's eyes. They soon develop a relationship which makes unsympathetic friends and members of Peter's family very indignant. While Peter struggles with his sexuality, Nassim wants to be open and declare their love for all to hear. One night however, will put their relationship to the test and change both of their lives forever. Keywords:Diarrhea,Police,Drunkenness,Fight,Engineer,Father Son Relationship


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