Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Hormoz
Year: Y2008
Country: France
Language: English , French
Cast: Hubert Benhamdine,Caroline Ducey,Christine Boisson,Hicham Nazzal,Franck Victor

In this savagely poignant drama, replete with brute emotion and raw lust, a young man voyages through the dark heart of Parisian nightlife and the extremes of self-destruction. Angel-eyed Antonin - an aspiring musician - has been wallowing in unrequited love for his sexy, enigmatic band mate Alex. But when the object of his desire suddenly dies in his arms one drug addled night, he recklessly indulges the depths of his pain by descending into a seedy, nocturnal world of public gay sex and hardcore rounds as a rent boy. Antonin continues spiraling downward until he meets Juliette - a vivacious beauty with a secret. Keywords:Menage A Trois,Self Destructiveness,French,Kiss,Paris France,Penis,Flashlight,Video Store


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