Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Rosser Goodman
Year: Y2007
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Brent Gorski,Christopher Wyllie,Melissa Searing,Jay Brannan,Eli Kranski

Everybody’s looking for something. This much is true. And Trevor Holden (Brent Gorski) is desperately looking for himself in all the wrong places… Or maybe just in all the wrong people. It’s pretty safe to say that he won’t find enlightenment in his strung-out boyfriend Darrell. And despite the well-meaning advice offered by his sexually pervasive best friend and his self-righteous roommate Andie, Trevor still seems to come up short. Almost ready to throw in the towel, Trevor meets the ever so charming Ephram. Simply being everything that Darrell is not wins Ephram a number of points up-front.

Trevor’s relationship with Ephram progresses rather quickly, and it starts to put a strain on his friendships with Jake and Andie, both of whom feel Trevor could stand to be a little more in tune with their feelings.
Keywords:Singer,Hiv Test,Heroin Addict,Romantic Evening


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