Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Ming-liang Tsai
Year: Y2006
Country: Austria, China, France, Malaysia, Taiwan
Language: Bengali , Malay , Mandarin
Cast: Kang-sheng Lee,Shiang-chyi Chen,Norman Atun,Pearlly Chua,Lee-Lin Liew

Shooting for the first time in Malaysia after 7 features set primarily in Taipei, director Tsai Ming-Liang returns to his birthplace with a film unlike any of his prior works. Different in texture, mood and feel, and featuring a cast of multi-cultural and multi-lingual characters, the vivid, crowded, neon-lit streets of Kuala Lumpur come alive as only master director Tsai Ming-Liang can capture... As with most of Tsai's films, actor Lee Kang-Sheng is featured, this time in dual roles as both a homeless bum and a paralysed young man.

Also Known As
I Don't Want to Sleep Alone
Dark Circle

Den thelo na koimamai monos
Hei yan cyuan


Jag vill inte sova ensam


Nem akarok egyedül aludni-

Nie chce spac sam-

Keywords:Mattress,Homeless Man


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