Genre: Drama
Director: Nicolo Donato
Year: Y2009
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Cast: Thure Lindhardt,David Dencik,Nicolas Bro,Morten Holst,Hanne Hedelund

"Brotherhood" is a potent, fiery drama which explores what happens when you add same-sex attraction to the already volatile world of neo-Nazis. Dismissed from the army after allegedly making a pass at a fellow soldier, young Lars soon falls in with a gang of gay-bashing neo-Nazis. Although the group are initially wary of this new figure, Lars quickly proves he is a fast learner and rises quickly through the ranks - simultaneously developing closer bonds with the other members, especially the sexy Jimmy. It is soon apparent that the two are far more than blood brothers and confronting these sexual longings threatens to jeapordise their very lives. Surprisingly tender and deftly handled, "Brotherhood" stands head and shoulders above any simple love story. Keywords:Gay Brother,Racism,Kiss,Violence,One Word Title,Denmark


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