Genre: Drama
Director: Sountru
Year: Y2008
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Joe Higachi,Norm Munoz,Marianne Shine,Michael Veg

What does Michael do when his lover of fourteen years, Chad, dies from brain cancer? Michael does not have much time to grieve when Chad as an angel immediately comes back to him. Chad has seen Michael's future and now takes it upon himself to guide and nudge Michael along his path. Chad's psychiatrist, Damien, has agreed to support Michael in this process but as hard as Damien tries he cannot deny his infatuation with Michael. The seemingly unrelated "coincidences" begin to fall into steps of Michael's path when cute boy toy Bryan arrives on the scene the night after scattering Chad's ashes. Damien's x-wife, Pat and Michael's best friend, Barbra add to the mix and are also guided by Angel Chad to their destiny. Like a board game, Angel Chad provides just the right amount of clues to Michael to begrudgingly move him towards his ideal future. Keywords:Gay Romance


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