Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Curtis Hanson
Year: Y2000
Country: Germany, Japan, UK, USA
Language: English
Cast: Michael Douglas,Tobey Maguire,Frances McDormand,Robert Downey Jr.,Katie Holmes

On the day his third wife leaves him and his literary agent arrives to pressure him to finish a novel seven years in the writing, Carnegie Mellon professor, Grady Tripp, also learns that his married mistress is pregnant. Seven years before, with his first novel, he was a wonder boy. So was his agent. Both now need something. Over the weekend, instead of making choices, he vacillates in a pot-induced haze. One of his students, James Leer, perhaps stirs paternal feelings in Grady and raises homo-erotic urges in the agent. Academic politics complicate things: Grady's mistress is the college chancellor, her husband chairs Grady's department, James has just shot the husband's dog. What to do? Keywords:College,Professor,Literary Agent,Jacket,Dog,College Professor


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