Genre: Comedy
Director: Greg Pritikin, Gary Rosen
Year: Y1998
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Greg Pritikin,Gary Rosen,Jackie Katzman,Heather Donaldson,Darek Hasenstab

Johnny is a struggling rock & roller, living in Chicago where his best friend Wiley spends his time collecting porn magazines and wrestling with his sexuality. Johnny’s life is looking up when his manager Murray tells him of an impending deal with a major label. Excited, Johnny moves his girlfriend Annie into his apartment and prepares to be a major rock star. Little by little, however, Johnny begins to suspect that the “deal” is going nowhere. Having problems with his girlfriend and fearing for his professional career, Johnny’s life gets even more complicated when Wiley puts the moves on him. Keywords:Latent,Repressed,Masturbation,Roommate


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