Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Director: Edzard Onneken
Year: Y2009
Country: Germany
Language: German
Cast: Saskia Vester,Jurgen Tonkel,Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen,Andreas Helgi Schmid,Manuel Witting
In an Alpine village in Bavaria, divorcee Katharina Remminger lives alone. Her husband had long ago left her for another woman, and her only son Hans lives in Berlin where he studies architecture. She receives a letter from her son Hans one day, informing her that he is engaged and wants to get married in his home town, and that he and his fiance Nicki will be visiting in the upcoming week. Having never heard or even seen a picture of Nicki, Katharina assumes that it's a female name and becomes elated at the thought of her son getting married and that she should one day become a grandmother, and in her excitement tells the whole town of Hans' news, and soon the town is abuzz about the upcoming nuptials.



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