Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Eric Amadio
Year: Y2007
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Marc Blucas,Jose Pablo Cantillo,Emmanuelle Chriqui,James DeBello,Noel Fisher

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. For some, there could have been a first date. For others, it was celebrating with loved one. And for many, the evening probably ended with sex. It could have been someone’s first time or another couples' routine. But how many of us have thought about the conversations after sex? We all have them, but the conversations differ between straight and gay couples, friends who experiment or those who are bi-curious. There’s also the swingers, the cheaters, the liars and lovers, the virgins and strangers – people all coping with common emotions of this physical pleasure: laughter and pleasure, confusion and anger, as well as the toughest of all - regret. After Sex explores the conversations between eight couples in a "short play" kind of way. This is one intimate film that will appeal to the curiosity of many as it dives into conversations of the unknown. For many viewers, it may give a glimpse as to “just what it’s like” to have a conversation after an encounter with someone in the manner this film portrays. Keywords:Lesbian,College Student,Old Couple,Closeted Homosexual


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