Genre: Comedy, Crime
Director: Lab Ky Mo
Year: Y2002
Country: UK
Language: English
Cast: Glen Mulhern,Brendan Mackey,Steven Berkoff,Michael Praed,Vas Blackwood

Offensively funny, politically incorrect and in-your-face, 9 Dead Gay Guys tells the story of Kenny and Byron, two Irish lads who move to London to hit the big time. But what they end up doing is hustling for beer money at the local gay pub. Not that these two wholesome boys are gay, but what's a little sex between strangers? Well, maybe they are gay - or at least maybe Kenny is gay... he thinks. All of this is irrelevant; as "the Queen" is dead and there is some serious cash for the winner of the "Really Hard Red Bull Test" (involving 2 stacked cans and one real big appendage). Before this wild ride ends, there are eight more dead locals in this raucous, fast paced and whacked-out British import. Keywords:Hustler


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