Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance
Director: Blake Edwards
Year: Y1982
Country: UK, USA
Language: English , French
Cast: Julie Andrews,James Garner,Robert Preston,Lesley Ann Warren,Alex Karras

In 1930's Paris, Victoria Grant (Julie Andrews), a struggling soprano, is unable to find work. She bombs an audition at Chez Lui, a tawdry night club where Carroll "Toddy" Todd (Robert Preston) also works. Later, we see her pass out from hunger in front of her hotel manager after offering to sleep with him "for a meatball". The same evening Toddy starts a fight at Chez Lui after finding out that his boyfriend was dating a woman and is subsequently fired. Later that night, Victoria runs into Toddy at a Paris restaurant where she is scheming to plant a cockroach in her food in order to get her meal for free. While trying to foil the waiter (Graham Stark), the plan goes awry after the cockroach goes missing from her purse and ends up crawling up a woman's leg, starting a riot in the restaurant which Victoria and Toddy use to escape. They spend the night at his apartment discussing how they got into their situations. The next day, Victoria dresses in Toddy's ex-boyfriend's clothes (as hers were ruined by the previous night's rain) to return to her hotel to pick up her things. However, Toddy's ex boyfriend shows up to pick up his clothes and when he insults Toddy, Victoria breaks his nose and tells him in a deep and angry voice to get out and not to come back. After seeing Victoria act like a man, Toddy hits upon a plan to help both her and himself: Victoria will pretend to be a man pretending to be a woman, and get a job as a female impersonator in a nightclub. In order to enhance the ruse, Toddy will pretend to be her gay lover... Keywords:Singer


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