Genre: Documentary
Director: Jeremy Stanford
Year: Y2006
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Erica Andrews,Cassandra Cass,Mimi Marks,Maria Roman,Tiara Russell

A no-holds-barred behind-the-scenes look at the first-ever 'World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Pageant.' With a starring role in a sensational new Vegas Revue as a high-stakes backdrop, TRANTASIA explores the intensely private and moving stories of its extraordinary contestants. Told through provocative hometown profiles and heartbreaking one-on-one interviews, the film documents the often humorous, always personal journeys of these true survivors. United by common histories of hardship and persecution, these women will finally realize their diva dreams. Their ultimate triumph is a moving celebration of the human spirit. Special features include alternate ending, Jahna Steele Story, lots more.



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