Genre: Drama
Director: Zihan Loo, Kan Lume
Year: Y2007
Country: Singapore
Language: English
Cast: Peishan Chiew,Guat Kian Goh,Yu Beng Lim,Zihan Lo

Inspired by true events, Solos explores the relationship between three individuals as they struggle to open up their feelings towards each other. Man (Lim Yu-Beng) and Boy (Loo Zihan) have been in an illicit relationship for years. Growing out of his teenage years, Boy is restless, and starts seeking new sexual adventures. Meanwhile, BoyÓ³ mother (Goh Guat Kian) blames herself for everything Boy has turned out to be and wishes her son to return home to her. Each scene in Solos is at once highly stylized and painfully realistic. The film has no dialogue, but relies on strong visual imagery and sound-design to convey the story. Keywords:Singapore,Gay Character,Strong Sexual Content


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