Genre: Drama
Director: Kutlug Ataman
Year: Y1999
Country: Germany
Language: German , Turkish
Cast: Gandi Mukli Baki Davrak Erdal Yildiz Inge Keller Michael Gerber Murat Yilmaz Hasan Ali Mete Hakan Tandogan Cihangir Gumusturkmen Celal Perk

17-year old Murat from Turkey, living in Berlin, Germany, slowly discovers his homosexuality. His older brother Osman, head of the family since the father's death, wants him to finally lose his virginity (in a heterosexual manner) and thus causes Murat to run away. In a bar, Murat meets Lola, who has some things to tell about him. He also meets Bilidikid, Lolas man, who thinks that Murat might have thrown an eye on Lola. But the truth about Lola, Murat and his family is far worse that anyone could have expected. Keywords:Death,Virginity,Bar,Berlin Germany,Surgery


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