Genre: Drama
Director: Hee-il Leesong
Year: Y2006
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Cast: Nam-gil Kim,Young-hoon Lee,Hyeon-cheol Jo,Dong-wook Kim,Seung-kil Jeong

Sumin is an orphan trying to balance work in a factory with study at art college and an evening job. One night a rich young businessman tries to proposition him during one of his driving jobs. They meet again the next day: it is during a round of redundancy cuts at the factory where Sumin refuses an attempt by a man (who is in fact the boss' son Jaemin) to save his job. Eventually Sumin is seduced into working as a male prostitute in an upmarket boy-brothel as Jaemin's obsession with him grows, leaving Jaemin helpless in the face of his overwhelming desire. This is a film of bold sexuality, where unexpected passion, desire and misunderstandings wreak havoc of an operatic intensity. Keywords:Factory,Orphan,Obsession,Male Prostitute,Class Distinction


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