Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Director: Christopher Livingston
Year: Y1999
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Michael Parducci,Peter Jacobson,Judy Prescott,Kerr Smith,Hoyt Richards

Alex Andero feels stuck washing dishes in his family's trattoria in New York City. He wants to write screenplays, and he has a great idea. Trouble is, he's not much with a typewriter; so, when his cousin calls and says a producer likes the idea and wants a script, Alex swallows his homophobia and asks for help from Elliot Springer, a talented writer who's an insecure, gay, Jewish nebbish. Elliot doesn't want the job, but Alex sets him up with Joey, a good-looking actor who works in the cafe. Elliot and Joey are soon getting it on, the script is slowly emerging, and Alex is discovering the beauty of Gwen, a woman in his writing class. Then, ego and greed threaten the partnership. Keywords:Jewish,Pun In Title,Closeted Homosexual



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