Genre: Drama
Director: Richard Natale
Year: Y1997
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Tony Campisi,Richard Israel,Crystal Jackson,Jonathan Klein,Russell Scott Lewis

This story chronicles the history of a gay relationship that is torn asunder by death. In the late '70s, Philip (Gregory Phelan) meets Guy (Kevin Spirtas) at a yard sale where they were both eyeing the same green plaid shirt. Shortly after that, they become lovers. In that heyday of the sexual revolution (before AIDS), "open" relationships in which one or both partners have outside sexual contacts were not uncommon, and that is what they try to have. Philip finds that he is not nearly as "open" as Guy, but they only cease to be lovers when Guy charmingly informs him that he's moving in with another man. Their friendship continues, however, until Guy's death of AIDS in 1988. Even though the film's focus is on a relationship, it handles this subject unsentimentally. The brash wit of the characters is one of the film's highlights. Keywords:AIDS,Color In Title,Loss Of Lover,Gay Couple,Depression


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