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Genre: Drama
Director: Crisaldo Pablo
Year: Y2005
Country: Philippines
Language: English , Filipino , Tagalog
Cast: Jet Alcantara,Andoy Ranay,Rey Pumaloy,John Lapus,Ray An Dulay

Bath House, as the name suggests, is centered in a Bath House which most gay men are familiar with. For the uninitiated, bath house is a place where gay men go to relax, cruise, and hook up with other men. The main character of the movie, Rico, is a young campus, gay, pinoy boy who is coming to terms with his sexual identity. He wants to fall in love, and not be like the rest of the gay men he knows, who sleep with a different sex partner each night. He happens to meet charming heartthrob Cris one day on the bus, who gives him a discount to get into a gay bath house. Rico is smitten by Cris and decides to pop by, hoping to meet Cris in there. Rico steps into the world of towel clad men and back room sex, and meets Cris in there. The chemistry between them is tangible and intense. After that night, Rico thinks that Cris is the one true love that he has been waiting for, while Cris thinks otherwise. Cris is the biggest player in the bath house and he continues he conquest at the baths. Rico is forced to go through a roller coaster ride of love, heart ache, jealousy and infidelity, as he hangs on to the pure and simple love he hopes to share with Cris. Keywords:

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bathhouse tells the story of men who have sex with men in the dingy walls of the underground bathhouses in the philippines.


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