Genre: Musical, Comedy, Drama
Director: Richard Wong
Year: Y2006
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Jake Moreno,H.P. Mendoza,L.A. Renigen,Sigrid Sutter,Brian Raffi

Ever been to Colma? It's that little town right next to San Francisco. No? Well, its claim to fame is that the dead outnumber the living 1500 to 1 (cause of its cemeteries, don't get any crazy ideas). But it's really just like any other sleepy town that rests in the shadow of a huge progressive city - New York's got New Jersey, Philly's got Cherry Hill, San Francisco's got Colma, the list goes on and on. And in these towns, there are kids, and one day, these kids must grow up - or at least start to. Keywords:Cemetery,Teenager,Mall,Party Crashing,Coming Of Age,Play Within A Film,Campy,Father Son Relationship


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