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Year: 2019
Runtime: 90 min
Director: Mike Doyle
Cast: Kate Walsh , Michelle Buteau , Patricia Clarkson , Colin Donnell , Augustus Prew , John Doman , Scott Evans , Zoe Chao ,
Plot: Does every relationship have an expiration date? Adam and Marklin are about to find out. Their 5-year relationship has gone from a passionate flame to a medium burn, forcing them to reconcile with each other’s shortcomings all while watching their support network crumble around them. Best friend Cammy’s latest beau checks all of her boxes – if you don’t count that he actually lives in a box; Haley’s student is more interested in studying her than for the SATs; and Elizabeth and Damon – the “stable” ones – are on the brink of divorce after 15 years of so-called bliss. But, in this mess, hope springs eternal as they all muddle their way through to try and make life work.
2019 (USA) (default release date)


Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Todd Haynes
Year: Y2002
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Julianne Moore,Dennis Quaid,Dennis Haysbert,Patricia Clarkson,Viola Davis

Frank and Cathy Whittaker are, as far as the outside world can tell, the perfect couple. Young, attractive and well-off, they represent all that middle-class America is supposed to be in the 1950s. Below the surface however, all is not as it seems. Cathy feels unfulfilled and begins to realize that her marriage is not what it should be. When she discovers her husband making love to a man in his office late one evening, she begins to understand why. She also begins to develop an interest in Raymond Deagan, their African-American gardener. Raymond is intelligent, witty and an art lover. In many ways, Cathy has found a soul-mate. Trying to support her husband as he tries to 'cure' his homosexuality and the social taboo of having been seen in public with a black man does not augur well for her however.

Far from Heaven (2002) - Movie Trailer

Todd Haynes' Far From Heaven, a homage to the 1950s melodramas of Douglas Sirk, is an exquisitely crafted film of beauty and grace. The world that Haynes creates is so meticulously detailed that one almost forgets that the movie isn't fifty years old.