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Genre: Comedy Drama Romance

Year: 2014

Director: Matt Riddlehoover

Cast: Charlie David Rett Terrell Matt Riddlehoover Jared Allman


The sequel, More Scenes from a Gay Marriage, picks up two years after the original left off. A gay-themed film (starring Charlie David) has been made about how Darren (writer/director Matt Riddlehoover) and Joe (Jared Allman) met and fell in love. As a result of the film's success, Darren and Joe begin to question whether their domestic partnership is as exciting or romantic as what led up to it...

Thashana McQuiston, who delivered a "completely charming performance" (TLA Video) in Scenes from a Gay Marriage, reprises her role as Luce, Darren's sharp-tongued gal pal. Rodiney Santiago also co-stars as a sexy male masseur... in what are sure to be some of the film's most memorable scenes!


Paternity Leave Film

Genre: Comedy Romance

Year: 2015

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Matt Riddlehoover

Cast: Jacob York Charlie David Chris Salvatore Britten Tillinghast

Plot: Matt Riddlehoover's Paternity Leave is a romantic comedy about Greg (Jacob York), Ken (Charlie David), and a moment of passion on the eve of their four year anniversary that changes the course of their lives forever.

Greg begins feeling nauseated, fatigued, moody and – most unfortunately – fat. At his wit's end and Ken's insistence, he sees a doctor who's stumped and refers the couple to a specialist. To everyone's amazement, Greg is pregnant. Shock, stress, and fear settle in, and Greg's relationship gets put to the ultimate test.

Co-starring Chris Salvatore (Eating Out: All You Can Eat, Drama Camp, The Open Weekend), Paternity Leave poses a modern answer to the age old question: "Are we ready to be parents?"

Now playing festivals, Paternity Leave is available for pre-order at



Genre: Drama
Director: Chip Hale
Year: Y2008
Country: Canada
Language: English
Cast: Dan Payne,Thea Gill,Charlie David,Derek Baynham,Grace Vukovic

Tyler Davidson invites his college buddy Chase home for the summer holidays and a secret is revealed that threatens to tear his perfect family apart. When Tyler's mother, Stacey discovers her husband Nathan in an unspeakable affair, the Davidson family's world begins to collapse. The summer is ripe with adventure, revelations, and betrayal as this family learns how to laugh, cry and love again. Keywords:Summer,College,College Friend,Dinner,Kiss

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Director: Casper Andreas
Year: Y2007
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Jesse Archer,Charlie David,Jeremy Gender,Cory W. Grant,Virginia Bryan

Six people in New York are adrift. Zeke and Luke work in a sex shop: Zeke takes gay liberation seriously, Luke likes to sparkle and takes nothing seriously. He's offended when Stephen calls him a gay cliche, then, surprisingly, they find each other attractive and interesting. Stephen, it turns out, has a great apartment, trust fund, and artwork he's painted on his walls. Meanwhile, Peter, a neat-freak, and Derek, nice to everyone, move in together. Peter's compulsiveness threatens the relationship. Last, newly-engaged Marilyn, a recovering alcoholic stuck at step 2, can't stop obsessing about wedding details. Can these folks sort out civilization and its discontents?


Genre: Documentary,Biography,Comedy,

Year: 2013

Runtime: 81 min

Director: Charlie David,,,

Cast: Rafael Alencar,Mark Bessenger,Laurie Betito,Duncan Black

Plot: I'm a Porn Star follows the lives of guys in the neighborhood who are likely a lot more famous than you - at least on the Internet. There are an estimated 370 million pornographic websites ...



Genre: Horror
Director: David DeCoteau
Year: Y2006
Country: Canada, USA
Language: English , French
Cast: Sebastian Gacki,Emrey Wright,Charlie Marsh,Andrew Butler,Dean Hrycan

After the brutal death of his sister, her gorgeous brother Travis decides that he cannot let her murder go unpunished. Travis embarks on a mission on vengeance that takes him farther into darkness than he could have imagined. David DeCoteau directs this horror film that combines sexy men and sinful murderers Keywords:Death,Homoeroticism,Serial Boy Killer,Revenge,Graveyard,Stabbed To Death