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Genre: Documentary
Director: Melisa Önel, Can Candan, Oğuz Yenen
Year: Y2013
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish

"Was there no room for my child in this vast world?"

The mother of İrem, a trans brutally murdered in 2010 in Bursa, Turkey

In the documentary, MY CHILD, these courageous and inspiring group of mothers and fathers tell their personal stories of the birth of their child, of how they found out about their child’s sexual orientation, of how they learn to accept and embrace… When they talk about how they experienced the coming out of their children, they refer to it as the ‘death of a child and birth of a new one’. They say this extremely traumatic experience has also led to their own rebirth, as they have been questioning what it means to be an individual, to be true to oneself, and to be a parent.

Apart from their personal stories as parents, the film also tells their stories as the LISTAG parents, as activists, of how and why they came together, how they work together and support other families, how they try to reach more parents, about their activism for visibility, acceptance, and equal rights.

BENİM ÇOCUĞUM belgeselinde LİSTAG’lı anne ve babalar çocuklarının doğumundan başlayıp cinsel yönelim ve cinsiyet kimliklerini öğrenme süreçlerini, kabullenişlerini ve beraber kurdukları örgütlü mücadeleyi tüm içtenlikleriyle paylaşıyorlar. Bu oldukça zor deneyimi ‘çocuklarının ölümü’ ve ‘yeni bir çocuklarının doğumu’ olarak tanımlarken aynı zamanda ‘kendilerinin de yeniden doğuşları’ olarak ifade ediyorlar. Ebeveynler, paylaştıkları kişisel deneyimleriyle birey olmayı, kendine karşı dürüst olmayı ve ebeveyn olmayı yeniden tanımlıyorlar.