4:45 PM

Genre: Drama
Director: Mel Chionglo
Year: Y1999
Country: Philippines
Language: English , Filipino , Tagalog
Cast: Rodel Velayo,Leonardo Litton,Elizabeth Oropesa,Raymond Bagatsing,Cherry Pie Picache

The son of an abusive American father and a Filipina mother, Harry escapes to Manila with his friend James, and with vengeance on his mind. After finding work as a "macho dancer" in the city's gay clubs, Harry expands his circle of friends. Realizing the cyclical pattern in which he is trapped, Harry sets out to find his father, locating him dying from AIDS deep in the heart of the city. There, he discovers that his mother is still alive and the two are reunited. Learning forgiveness from her, Harry learns to accept his past and finally attains his salvation. Keywords:Club,Prostitute,Exotic Dancer,Philippines,Male Dancer