10:11 PM

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: David Moreton
Year: Y2003
Country: Argentina, USA
Language: English , Spanish
Cast: David Sutcliffe,Celina Font,Antonio Sabato Jr.,Jennifer Coolidge,Leonardo Brzezicki

Dean Seagrave (David Sutcliffe), a brilliant graphic novelist with writer’s block, hasn’t been himself lately. Not long ago his sex-bomb Argentine lover Pablo (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) left their California beach house on a cigarette run, and he hasn’t been seen since. This exodus is particularly complicated for Dean because Pablo was meant to be the answer to all of Dean’s problems. That was the plan, anyway. Unable to work, sleep or even drag a razor across his face, Dean does what any self-respecting romantic would do in this situation: he blows off his deadline, throws some clothes in a bag and books a flight on Aerolineas, Argentinas. Destination: Closure. Once in Buenos Aires, Dean tries to track down his beloved Pablo, but this proves more difficult than he anticipated. Keywords:Argentinian,Cop,Faked Suicide